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Business Neuro-Semantics: Entrepreneurial Secrets Part 3

Business Neuro-Semantics: Entrepreneurial Secrets Part 3

by admin on January 30, 2012

L. Michael Hall, Ph. D.

Entrepreneurs at Work

Throughout the last century, business evolved and changed, and business in the twenty-first century will continue to change. With the Quality movement, business has been moving more and more to seeing the financial wisdom of building quality as an ongoing process. With the pace of change and the global market, business now recognizes the importance of continual learning, improvement, and training. Continual learning is no longer a luxury, it’s an essential. Today we need not only an informed workforce, but people who care about what they’re doing, and find meaning and purpose in it if we want them to be responsible, creative, and contributing.

Leadership and management has also been changing. Successful leadership invites people to become collaborative partners as they provide a vision and then co-create an action plan that allows people to tap their potentials. Today as never before we are recognizing that the most effective leading and managing are using the essential coaching skills to lead and manage.

What does all of this mean? It means that the spirit of entrepreneurship is precisely what is making and will continue to make the biggest difference for anybody and everybody working in a corporation. It means people at all levels of a business or corporation need to adopt more of an entrepreneur’s attitude. Who will succeed? The workers who add value and have eyes to look for adding value. The supervisors and managers who consider everybody inside and outside of the business as customers to please and delight. The owners and CEOs who recognize that continual learning, improvement, and feedback is the only way to stay current in the marketplaces.

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