What I Have Learned that Helped The Most

by admin on January 30, 2012

John La Valle NLP™ Master Trainer Having just returned last week from Orlando, where we had another Great 3 Seminars with Richard Bandler, I’m was reminded time and time again about the importance of keeping things as easy as possible. I received many questions, but one that keeps coming up again and again. And even though
L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. Gauge Your Entrepreneurial Spirit Do you have a passion that you absolutely believe in? Do you have a passion that absolutely adds value to your customers and clients in your present work? What value does your work/service add? Do you see opportunities all around you? Do you live in an
L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. Entrepreneurs at Work Throughout the last century, business evolved and changed, and business in the twenty-first century will continue to change. With the Quality movement, business has been moving more and more to seeing the financial wisdom of building quality as an ongoing process. With the pace of change and the global
L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. So how do we develop more business intelligence? What are the qualities and features of having more business sense? Recently I have interviewed and modeled several entrepreneurs to see if what a real live entrepreneur thinks and does fits with the research literature. To that end I interviewed Brian Hattingh,
L. Michael Hall, Ph. D. What’s your frames of mind, frames of meaning, and frames of reference around the idea of business? What are the key belief frames, value frames, understanding frames, etc. about business? Given your frames about business, do you have a business matrix that allows you to be effectively successful? Does your

Which Category Are You in? (Part 2.)

by admin on January 30, 2012

Dr. David McDermott: Oftentimes, learning a new or previously unused skill actually enhances those skills already present. The person who was predominantly visual begins to put attention on the auditory system and finds that the ability to notice things in the visual domain is enhanced, their awareness improves and their experience is enriched. So the

Which Category Are You in? (Part 1.)

by admin on January 30, 2012

Dr. David McDermott:   When asked to describe the personality of your best friends, you might describe them as generous, caring, intelligent and so on. We   tend to think in terms of absolutes because it is easy to define somebody in terms of fundamental character traits. The importance of   context and situation is

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