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NLP Techniques
Dr. Joseph Riggio Master NLP™ Trainer and Architect of The MythoSelf® Process   Part Both experts and geniuses have intuitions they operate from. The difference between the structure and categories of these intuitions has much to do with the differences between how experts and geniuses operate and where. First it is critical to point out
Shelle Rose Charvet: Mastering the Language of Influence When someone is in a mode where they hear only the flaws in your arg ument, when they don’t want you to tell them what to do and they could be easily unconvinced again, you need to use special language. Here are some suggestions from which you

Presenting Ideas To Skeptical People

by admin on January 30, 2012

Shelle Rose Charvet: Some people seem to be constantly skeptical . Many have told me that when t hey want to suggest an idea, or get agreement that a problem needs to be fixed (both at home and at work), they are often faced with resistance and denial . And isn’t it infuriating to have your

NLP Techniques